Tuesday, January 16, 2018

"If a Missile Alert Sounds, Prepare to Live "

Submitted by one of our readers:
It's interesting when the National Review, of all places, is giving some pretty sober, entry level prepping advice.
Please don't let the politics of the site keep you from reading what is a sensible article on what to do if the next missile alert (like the one that happened in Hawaii this past weekend) is real instead of an error.
You get alert on your phone that a missile is inbound. You flip on the television to confirm, and it’s repeating the same message. What do you do? Do you prepare to die, or do you prepare to live?
Prepare to live. As tempting as it may be, don’t spend the precious minutes between missile alert and missile impact texting family, sending tearful goodbyes on Snapchat, or attempting to reconcile old grudges. Don’t do it.
Go read the whole thing, both for the sensible advice and for the fact that a national publication is helping to normalize prepping.

However, the usual internet rule of "Don't read the comments" still applies.

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