Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Prepper New Year's Resolutions

The new year is a time when most folks start making resolutions -- promises to themselves regarding things they plan to improve in the coming year. I'm not normally a resolution-making type, since an astronomical percentage of resolutions fail in very short order. Instead, my goals are usually task-based and -driven. However, I have a few blogging and prepping goals that seem rather appropriate to discuss and implement with the new year.

My first resolution is to get back to my roots. This year I'll be doing more camping and outdoors preparedness things, and sharing them with all of you. There will hopefully be more hunting and fishing content as well. I also have quite a bit of automotive work coming down the pike, so there will be some instruction and advice on keeping your own motorized equipment running longer and more effectively.

Everybody talks about improving their health, and I'll try (try!) to do some of that. A fitter person can work harder, carry more, and travel further, and remain less susceptible to injury and illness. All of those things make me more valuable and helpful to my family and tribe.

I also plan on upgrading and better organizing my gear and supplies. It's hard to use things properly when you don't know what you have. I'll take you through the process of completely rebuilding my BoB, as my beloved old pack finally self-destructed, and  'll also be turning an eye toward rotating consumable supplies to ensure freshness.

In the recent past, we made some serious upgrades to the photography and videography equipment in our home, so expect me to make and share more video content as well. I have new preps to review, and I'll spend my money so that y'all don't have to.

My final resolution is to try and show folks how to see the world through Angus MacGyver glasses. For those of you unfamiliar, or only familiar with the garbage calling itself MacGyver these days, in the 80s there was an inspirational show about a secret agent Boy Scout who went on globe-trotting adventures. He didn't have any neat James Bond gadgets, not even a gun; the only tools he had were a Swiss Army Knife, his wits, and whatever he found around him. The genius of MacGyver is how he approached a problem: he never had the proper tools, so instead he looked for what would work in a pinch. So often, folks get brain-locked on what they don't have or would like to have, instead of working with what they do have and getting out of trouble. It is a different way of thinking and I hope to share a fair bit of that with you.

It looks to be a busy year around the House of Dude, full of lots of informative and instructive content for everyone.


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