Monday, March 11, 2019

Emergency Heat: "New" Old Kerosene Heaters

The good: Kerosene and its heaters are cheap to buy, unlike propane canisters.

The bad: Unlike propane, kereosene isn't available everywhere.

The ugly: Kerosene goes bad, and while burning it stinks like diesel.

Again, if you don't have a combination carbon monoxide/smoke detector, get one.

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  1. Kerosene cans are darkish blue and marked on the side of the can as to contents. Newer versions of the heater are esencially the same. They have tipover safeties and a cage around the fire box to help avoid burn injuries.

    DO NOT TRY TO DRY FABRICS BY DRAPING OVER ONE OF THESE HEATERS! Although you can boil water for tea on top of one if you balance the kettle carefully.


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