Friday, April 17, 2020

Preventing "Mask Ear"

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Nurses and other caregivers who wear masks which loop behind the ears have been suffering from wounds where the ear loop rubs raw the skin behind the ears. As this style of mask is the kind which many of us own or have made, preventing Mask Ear is a concern to many preppers.

Fortunately for us, fellow Blue Collar Prepper Jacob Rosecky of Rosecky Custom Engraving has a 3D printer and is selling multi-position behind-the-head ear strap holders for $2 each, which includes sales tax. I bought 3 and am very happy with their performance.

Shipping Costs
  • 1-5: $1 shipping (fits inside standard envelope)
  • 6-50: $7.50 shipping (small flat rate box)
  • 51+ : $13 shipping (medium box)

Payment Information
Venmo: @Jacob-Rosecky

Jacob tells me that sometimes Paypal doesn't give him your address, so you might want to PM him your details to ensure swift delivery.

They are made from food-grade polypropylene and are very flexible, as you can see.

They can be made in a variety of colors; right now Jacob has blue, red, green, yellow, and clear material on hand.

Even if you aren't concerned about COVID-19, there are plenty of other diseases out there and it may become necessary (or even mandatory) to wear protective masks. I consider these a very affordable investment in the future.

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