Sunday, January 24, 2021

Product Review: Wahl Color Pro Hair Clipper

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My father is a career military officer, and so even though at 85 he has sparse, thin hair, he still goes to the barber shop once a month to get it trimmed... or at least he did, until all the barber shops in the area closed down due to loss of business from Covid-19. 

If you are a man who needs a haircut, or a woman with short hair, or you have young children, then it may be worth your while to purchase an electric hair trimmer. I am a fan of the Wahl Color Pro, as it is not only cordless but also comes with attachable combs of sizes from 1/8 inch to 1 inch. These combs are color coded to ensure the right length of hair is cut.

Hygiene is important and long hair requires a lot of maintenance, so after a disaster it may become easier just to cut your hair short. In addition, the Wahl can be used to shave hair around injuries to allow easier access to the wound by caregivers or for bandages to stick. (I do not know how well it cuts pet fur; I expect that it depends on the breed.) 

I found the Wahl easy and convenient to use, and while you may never cut hair into a fashionable style with it, you can definitely use it on yourself and end up with a cut that looks adequate. I find that most men look good with a 1" comb along the sides and a 1/4" comb along the sides and back. Feminine haircuts are harder to do, but Pixie Cuts are possible. 

The worst thing I can say about the Wahl isn't really its fault, and that would be its dependence upon electricity to function. I don't have a good answer to this; it's great to have around the home if you want to save money instead of going to the barber (after 2-3 uses it will have paid for itself) but it is unlikely to be a part of your long-term preps for situations where the power grid goes down. 

On the other hand, we will probably be having pandemic scares and lockdowns for years to come, so perhaps it has a place in your preps after all?


  1. I have one of these, and another in the reserve box. I love them both.

  2. Around the turn of the century, I bought a set of Wahl shears from the animal care section of the local farm supply store. They have held up really well, and I use them once a month or so for shaving my head and trimming my beard.

    I have three sets of blades for them, because Wahl doesn't sharpen the blades anymore. It looks like it's cheaper to buy a new set of blades than to ship an old set back and forth and have them sharpened, so a spare set of blades is a good idea.

    I got several dog trims out of a set of blades, and three years or so from a set of blades trimming coarse beard hair and about a half a head of thinning, fine head hair.


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