Wednesday, April 14, 2021

David Blackard's Father Has Passed

Hello, Blue Collar Prepping readers. David's father passed away on Sunday. Here is the message from David's sister: 

 Hi family and friends;

Last night our dad passed away peacefully at 91 years. He led a full life and taught us so much. 

Please keep our mom in your thoughts as she adjusts to life without him. They would have been married 70 years later this month. 

We are grateful for our significant others, holding us up, as we navigate this new chapter of our lives. 

Tell your people you love them. 

Naturally, David has the week off to be with his family during his time of loss.  

David and his father and mother

David has the following message for our readers:

We don't have anything planned yet but if people want to send cards at random intervals to my Mom, that's great. Doesn't have to have any message (she can't remember things well) but nice pictures will be cool. 

1300 Juanita Dr.
Attention: Dorothy Blackard
Walnut Creek, CA 94595

 (This is an assisted living facility)  

I'm sure that David will also appreciate messages of support in the comments. 

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