Friday, April 30, 2021

The Millbank Bag

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Have you heard of a Millbank Bag? I certainly hadn't until last week; I believe they're more prevalent in the UK than over here, as they were originally  developed at the Royal Army Medical College in Millbank, London.

The principle behind it ought to be familiar, however: it is simply a tapered canvas bag which, when properly soaked, serves as a prefilter to remove sediment and other particles from your water before you filter or boil it. This also serves to increase the lifespan of your filter. 

To use it:
  1. Soak the bag in water to cause the canvas fibers to swell. 
  2. Fill the bag with water.
  3. Hang the bag using the attached cord. 
  4. Wait until the water is running clear.
  5. Place a bottle, pan, or other water collection device underneath. 
  6. Filter, boil, or chemically sterilize the collected water. 

When you're not using the bag as a prefilter, you can use it to carry items. 

You can purchase a 5 liter/1.3 gallon Millbank Bag made in the USA for $32.25 ($26.50 for the bag, plus $5.75 shipping) at

Here's a Millbank Bag being used by Dave Canterbury. 

A Millbank Bag is a lightweight, multipurpose item which deserves a spot in every prepper's Bug Out Bag. 

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