Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Making Connections and More

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.

I've made two discoveries this month: one that's been brewing for a year, and one right after the small earthquake that rattled my area.
Close To Home
For a well over a year, a reader of this blog and I have been talking about meeting and getting acquainted. It turned out we live about five miles from each other, and it seemed reasonable to talk face-to-face, share info, and just make new friends. We already knew we have some things in common from our connection to Blue Collar Prepping, and now after sharing wine and pizza there's even more. 

I never had any doubt that this connection would be solid. From where we live to what was discussed online, I felt there were good people here. What slowed down and stopped our plans was what slowed down everything else down for the last 18 months, but we finally did it!

I have a good group of long-time friends, but adding to the list is easy when the "get acquainted" steps are already over. It was mentioned before the wine was finished how nice it would be to get together outdoors and make some noise at various distances like 10, 15, 25, 50 and 100 yards if and when consumables come down in price, the weather cooperates, and a suitable location is found. If any Northern California folks are interested, send me a note!
After the little earthquake last week I discovered another online friend that is even closer to me than my newest addition, a reader (I hope) who lives maybe a mile from me, depending on how you measure or travel. I have always wanted to build a list of people close by who could check in on each other if there was a need: major local fire, the Big Earthquake or everyone's favorite, Zombie Apocalypse! 
Get Home Bag Challenge
In the BCP Facebook group, a reader with health issues commented on the bag I have, saying words to the effect "I'm not sure I could carry that very far, it seems a bit heavy for me."  I haven't forgotten this; work, life and home projects have eaten up my free time to the point where I put everything back into my GHB and The Purple Pack Of Carrying for the third time and stopped thinking about it. However, with the Holiday giving me an extra day off this week, I promise to do the actual build and write-up on a Get Home Bag Under 20lbs, with pictures and detailed options. Stay tuned. 
Shopping Reminder 
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Thank you, and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Recap And Takeaway
  • Having like-minded and prepared friends in the area added to your group/tribe is a Good Thing. Discovering exactly how close those new friends are is a bonus!
  • I'm not young, but with no major health issues I can carry more weight than some. Tailoring gear and equipment for the Purple Pack Lady has reminded me to think bigger and pack smaller.

* * *

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