Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Erin's New GHB, part 7.5: Food Hauling

Not actually Erin.
& is used with permission.

Hi, and welcome back.

I apologize for the absence; the past month has been really hard on me and I needed to pull away from most interaction to get my head and my soul in order. I'm going to ease back into blogging with a short, easy update post. 

I mentioned previously that I'd bought two bricks of SOS Emergency Food Rations and that I was going to take a test hike with them, and that if I was able to carry them easily then I'd get two more because that would give me seven days of calories. 

Well, the good news is that I was easily able to hike with the two bricks. 

The bad news is that four bricks are just too heavy, and I aborted that hike a quarter mile into it. 

However, all is not lost: I reconfigured the contents of my chest rig and was able to fit a ration brick in there, and I can hike with that configuration quite easily. This gives me (3600*3 = 10800/2000 = 5.4) nearly five and a half days of rations at 2,000 calories each, plus whatever supplemental calories I have in energy bars, soups, etc. I'm quite happy with this arrangement. 

I know it looks like I might be able to fit another ration
brick on top of the first, but it won't fit. The bricks are 
taller than they are wide by half an inch. 

Next week ought to be the final post in my GHB series. 

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