Tuesday, January 11, 2022

The First Dump (Pouch) of the Year

Happy New Year, faithful readers. At least I hope it’ll be happier than the last two have been for most of us. In addition to the New Year, there were gift-giving holidays recently as well, and one of the more unexpected gifts I received is the subject of this post: our much-esteemed Editrix Erin sent me a very nice dump pouch. When I first opened the box, I wasn’t sure what I was looking at, but as soon as I opened the snaps and unrolled it, I understood and was very pleased.

For those not familiar with them, a dump pouch is a bag or small sack that can be attached to a belt or load carrying gear and loose items can be dropped into easily. For military and first responders, dump pouches are often used for things like partially empty magazines, investigatory evidence, small components or tools and the like. In the woods, they are very useful for storing edible plants gathered while hiking.

Mine will mostly see a slightly different use. I work as an instructor and armorer at a local gun range, and one of the perks of my job is that I can gather dud, damaged, or otherwise unfired rounds from the range for proper safe disposal as well as interesting and unusual brass cases. Previously, I would tuck these items in my back pocket throughout the day, or hang a plastic bag off my cell phone holder as an ersatz dump pouch at the end of a shift, but not anymore; this gift has a permanent home in my range bag.

When folded, the pouch is held closed by snaps attached to a soft leather cover and, open or closed, it can be secured to a belt or strap by another set of snaps on the back.

Front and rear view of the pouch when folded

The pouch itself is made of fairly heavy waxed (or otherwise coated) canvas, is approximately 9 inches tall by just over 8 inches wide, and has a drawstring at the top.

Pouch open and unfolded

This gift is exactly the type of thing I like both to give and to receive: something useful or otherwise of interest that I wouldn’t have thought to get for myself.

Thank you again, Erin, for your very thoughtful and useful gift.

(You're welcome! I'm thrilled you enjoy it. For those who would like to buy one, a model very similar to the one I gave to David can be bought on Amazon here-- Erin)

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  1. I've been looking at these very pouches for a year or so, but for no reason I can explain, I've never bought one. This would be right at home on a traditional leather woods walking gun belt or bushcraft rig.

    I dig it.


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