Monday, January 3, 2022

Mora Knife Hack

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 As I've stated multiple times, I am a fan of the Mora Clipper knife, as are many other preppers. However, I think we can all agree that the sheath it comes with is only adequate at best. My biggest complaint with it is that it doesn't securely hold the Mora in place and any significant jostle can dislodge the knife from the sheath. 

Try it yourself: holding the sheath at arm's length (to protect your feet) with the knife pointing down, give it a few firm vertical shakes. Odds are, the knife will fall out; mine certainly do. Fortunately, there is an easy fix for this. All you need do is purchase something known as a finger lanyard

A button slide is preferable to a friction slide due to its ability to lock in place. A wrist lanyard will also work, but those are much longer and will flop around. As in all things, use your best judgement and find the solution which serves you best (or irritates you least, as the case may be). 

Step 1: Cut off the thin cord at the end. You don't need it and it will just get in the way. This is how mine looks:

Step 2: Slide the finger strap under the belt hooks on the Mora sheath. I believe newer sheaths have one flange instead of the two on mine but this still ought to work. 

Step 3: Loop the lanyard around the knife handle and tighten it with the adjustable slide. 

You now have a Mora Clipper that is secured to its sheath and will not fall out no matter how hard it is shaken. 


  1. Very good hack. I have 2 Mora knives. One stainless, and one carbon steel. I have not decided if one is better than the other. But I like them both.


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