Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Rollin', Rollin', Rollin' with a Gear Cart

In a previous post I talked about disabilities and physical limitations. I mentioned that due to my current circumstances, I was focusing on bug in rather than bug out preps. However, since more options are always better, I started considering ways to make bugging out easier.

One of the things our lovely editrix has spoken of in the past is her deer cart for transporting items during a bug out situation. In fact, after I submitted my above-mentioned post, she brought it to my attention again.


While this is an excellent choice in many situations, a two-wheeled cart doesn't offer sufficient stability for me given my balance issues. But as it turns out, I had purchased a four-wheeled folding cart from Costco in August of 2022 for under a hundred dollars for a completely unrelated purpose. As is usual with my preps this particular model no longer seems to be on the market, though there are similar items still available.

The cart in open configuration

The cart is somewhat bulky to store, but it folds and unfolds readily with no tools required. The pull handle can be locked in both the collapsed and extended positions, and can also be latched to the frame of the cart.

The cart in folded configuration

With a 300 lbs maximum load its carrying capacity is lower than Erin's deer cart, but it's likely more than sufficient for our needs. I've filled it with firearms and cans of ammo and pulled across the gravel parking lot and ramps at a local shooting range, as well as packed it with boxes of books maneuvering through a parking garage and convention center, and its performance was stellar in both situations.

The cart can fit up to four large orange cats.

In conclusion, while bugging in may still be a better option for me under current circumstances, I now have a viable option in case bugging out on foot is required.

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