Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Author Introduction: Chaplain Tim

Yes, I am an ordained minister. I am a Christian of non-congregational beliefs and I hold no illusion that I know more about the will of God in his many guises than any other person. A Chaplain is “an ordained member of the clergy who is assigned to a special ministry”. That is why I chose the title “Chaplain” instead of Reverend, Pastor, Father, or Priest. I am no more to be revered than any other man on this Earth- we're all made of the same clay. I am not your leader- I seek no power over my fellow man. I am a father, but odds are that you're not my child. I am also not here to interpret what God says for you- I do not believe that there needs to be a middle-man.

My aim is to help explore the moral, religious, and philosophical sides of prepping. That is a vague way of saying that I am going to try to help you get yourself mentally and emotionally prepared for the bad times that many people see coming, with the added bonus of maybe being able to help you out in everyday life as well.
I know that I am wrong on some things (just ask my wife of 25 years). My opinions are separate from my beliefs in that they are open to discussion. You'll have to try pretty hard to hurt my feelings, so feel free to express yourself if I write something you don't agree with. We may come to a compromise, I may admit I'm wrong, you may admit I'm right, or we may just agree to disagree. I will warn you that outright stupidity will be treated as such and I can be an ass when required (again, just ask the wife).

 I do not force my beliefs on anyone, nor do I allow other to force their beliefs on me or mine. Having a “convert or die” mentality is the perfect way to get on my bad side. I am quite able to ignore idiots on the internet, but I take threats very seriously. If you want to believe that your belief system is superior to all others, that's fine. If you want to demand that I follow your beliefs, we'll have a problem.

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