Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Prepping from the Left Coast

Hello, and welcome to Blue Collar Prepping. My name is David Blackard. I currently live in northern California and will be writing about prepping on a budget from an urban/suburban point of view. With that in mind, the focus for the majority of my posts will be family support and survival, especially when infants, the elderly or infirm are involved. The ability to bug out to someplace else with both ends of the age spectrum is something many families will have to plan around and staying put may be their best, or only, option. Families matter; not just your relations, but your relational 'family' of neighbors, co-workers and the support group you should have around you.

Many people approach this topic with an "Oh My Gosh, it's Zombies!" or "Red Dawn!! Wolverines!!" attitude, and while that might be possible and should be considered,  from where I am the disasters to plan around are earthquakes, fires, floods (but not this year) and a pandemic/public health crisis of some kind.

Please read the Disclaimer posted on the pages bar, as there will be topics that will make some readers uncomfortable.  That is not the intent here but possibly the result of realistic, sober planning. The post titles will be a clear indicator of what is to come, so skip what you must but be prepared for an interesting ride!

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