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Monday, January 27, 2014

Author Introduction: Evelyn

Yeah, when it comes to most excellent titles, Erin is a queen of that.  Me....not so much.

Well, how ya doing? The name is Evelyn, and I'm a female prepper.  Technically, I've been prepping since I was little with my parents but only actually knew to call it prepping since 2008.  I grew up around my mom and dad canning almost everything from green beans to applesauce to meats.  We always had a garden, my mom was always sewing and crocheting.  Around 2006, I was very happy to discover that I remembered all these things (save the crocheting, that's been a constant).  And away I went brushing up and sharpening my skills.

Much of what I know, is from my parents or having been through very hard financial times or rather hard personal experiences.  Everything from relying on the Dollar Tree for my preps to raiding thrift stores just to have new shoes.  I very firmly believe, broke is a state of money.  Poor is a state of mind.

As a woman, learning to shed this distaste that has come about for domestic skills was essential.  Such skills as cooking, crafting small touches that make a place a home.  I'll be covering the little things many may over look in their bug-in supplies. Things to help reduce stress, keep morale up, etc.  Also, we'll be looking at the realities many men and women are going to have to face in terms of barbaric behaviors. I will *not* be mincing words in my articles.

I am looking forward to sharing what I know with you and hope that you are able take away a lot from us here.

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