Friday, February 17, 2017

Cheap Char Rope

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I received February's Apocabox yesterday, and while I don't have time for a full review or an unboxing video (that will come later), I wanted to point out something from the box that most preppers would find interesting.

We've talked about char cloth before, but who's heard of char rope? (If you've been watching my unboxing videos, you should have raised your hand; a year ago, there was an Apocabox that featured a length of jute rope that had been charred).

But this month's Apocabox featured a very interesting piece of char rope, not only for its size (1" thick) but also for where it was found (Hobby Lobby, $1.29/yard). 

Here's a video of it in action (jump to the 28 second mark if you're feeling impatient). used with flint and steel. 

This is the kind of thing I like from an Apocabox: that moment of "Oh, cool! I never even thought about that!"

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