Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Prudent Prepping: Final Trunk III

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.

The large and expensive part of the Trunk fix is here. What's left to do? You'll be amazed at what how simple it is!

At the start of my search for a way to keep things neat in my car, our esteemed and resourceful Editrix sent me a link to a Honda-designed storage system. It was originally for the Honda Pilot, but it will fit into the trunk of many different Honda cars -- and from looking at the measurements, just about any mid-size foreign or domestic car too!

Honda 08U20-S9V-101 
Cargo Organizer

Notice the short sides and how they will fold in
If you look at the lower corner, there is a barely visible strap and buckle. This is to attach to hold- downs already in Honda's SUV models. Since I do not have an SUV, there will have to be brackets of some kind mounted in my car to keep things from moving around.

What's really cool about the bin are the snaps holding the dividers in place. If the time comes that all my trunk space is needed, I can undo four snaps and the dividers move up and over. The short sides fold in accordion-style and the whole thing collapses to a one inch-thick package. Since it takes up almost no room collapsed, there will be no reason to ever remove it from the trunk!

The plastic bin originally mounted in the right corner is still there. My GHB is also where I'm planning to keep it, without any of the proposed mounts mentioned last week.

In the rightmost pocket is an overstuffed regular grocery bag; the middle pocket has a medium bag; and the left pocket contains my Goretex jacket. 

Three full-size bags will easily fit into the three spaces, which is all that I normally bring home from the store anyway. My lunchbox fits nicely into the biggest pocket, leaving plenty of room to carry other stuff, like a larger first aid kit and a fire extinguisher that won't be in the organizer (since the size I'm looking at is too long to fit into the pockets, even if placed diagonally). 

The overall size is big enough to carry what I take with me every day without presenting me with so much room that I'm tempted to overload things. I am very pleased with how everything is falling in place!

The Takeaway
  • Once again, friends come through with useful information and resources 

The Recap 

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