Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Prudent Prepping: Spring, Maybe

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.

I'm somewhat embarrassed to be talking about planning a fishing trip in the coming weeks, what with many of my friends dealing with terrible weather.

The weather here has been odd too, just not as odd as the rest of the country. Ski resorts at Tahoe are still operating with new snow last weekend, with one area to the south thinking they will be operating as late as the 4th of July! I'm not heading anyplace at altitude, so snow is off the planning chart, but rain is still a possibility. 

What's my plan? Have fun and relax!
Camping Is Low-Stress Bugging Out
I came to this conclusion after going over a gear list with my potential fishing buddy. I'm still getting organized from the move (still too many totes for my share of the storage space), and some of the non-necessities are hard to find. Still. I can just grab the High Sierra backpack my co-bloggers gifted me several years ago for the basic items in it already, but there are more things I would like to take:
  • I want to take better pans and my bigger stove, that is if I can find them. I don't need them, but having them will make things easier. 
  • Food is not a problem, as we are camping in a semi-improved campground close to a general store-type place. We are driving right to the spot and only need to buy ice to keep things fresh. 
  • We both have tents, but per the rules we can only set up one. We might not need one if the weather gets back to the normal spring conditions of no rain and temperatures getting up close to 80. 
  • Most of my fishing gear is at my folks' place, and I need to put new line on all my poles and see what sort of shape the lures are in. Conditions are changing here almost daily, and how we fish is going to depend on the recommendation of the locals. Personally, I'm happy to just go and drown worms for two days instead of beating the water to a froth, since going fishing is my goal and catching anything is a bonus!

And Now The Maybe Part
I heard from a friend in Arkansas about the expected flooding on the Arkansas River. From the reports I see, it's a major disaster, but from his report, not so much. Flooding is expected, but not the level seen in Iowa, Nebraska and parts north from there. Tornadoes have come close to many, many Facebook friends and those don't seem to be slowing down at all. Since tornadoes are what some consider normal spring weather, I have to assume those in affected areas have plans in place.

Here, the late rains may mean a delayed fire season or, worse case, a very bad year again. The forecasters can't seem to make up their minds. I guess that makes me lucky to not have my house washed away or blown into the next county. Fire is possible but not likely, but my bug out plans are almost in place.

  • Having gear is good. Having gear and practicing with it is even better. I need the practice to be sharp, since some things I haven't used in actual camping conditions.
  • Plans need to be reviewed and modified as necessary, whether from changing conditions or people involved.
  • Check in with your friends often. Even if they aren't in trouble, just knowing someone is thinking of them is a comfort.
  • Nothing was purchased this week but some non-perishable camping gear will be ordered soon.


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