Friday, October 25, 2019

Product Review: Lansky C-Sharp

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Longtime readers of this blog will no doubt remember when both Lokidude and myself enthused over the Lansky QuadSharp, a pocket-sized knife sharpener which came with four carbide cutting slots: 17, 20, 25, and 30 degrees. Its size, weight, price, and versatility (the ability to sharpen both a fillet knife and an axe is not to be underestimated) earned it a spot in any prepper's camping gear or Bug Out Bag.

I have only just become aware of the Lansky C-Sharp, which is essentially the QuadSharp but its its carbide cutting blades replaced with 600 grit ceramic surfaces for honing knives. The moment I found it on Amazon it I bought it solely based upon the strength of my experience with the QuadSharp alone, and I was not disappointed.

There really isn't much to say about the C-Sharp that hasn't been said about the QuadSharp. The form factor is identical, as is its price and quality of construction. If you like the QuadSharp then you will want this as well, and I believe this will become an essential part of your preps.

As for my own experience with it: I was able to take an old Mora with a damaged edge (the blade had a serious dink in the edge, and someone had tried to repair it by re-profiling the Mora's Scandi grind with a secondary bevel.. and not very well at that) and between the QuadSharp and the C-Sharp I was able to restore it to a 20° angle that cuts quite well. It may never be sharp enough to shave with, but for an outdoor working knife its cuts just fine and I won't be worried about using it as a "beater knife" in the future.

My Rating: 5/5
Buy it! You won't be disappointed. Repair damaged or seriously dull blades with the Quadsharp and then hone them to razor sharpness, or just touch up already sharp blades, with the C-Sharp. The only way Lansky could improve on this perfection is if they released a third version with a fine grit for polishing and perhaps a leather strop along the edge.

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