Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Prudent Prepping: Red Dot, part The Last

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping. 

This is the last in my series of "A Red Dot for a Red Shotgun", or at least the last until I'm able to actually shoot it at a target a known distance away from me. The closest range to me is Member Priority on weekends, and even in the cold weather (well, cold for CA),weekday afternoon slots are impossible to get. I gave up after almost 2 hours of waiting. So I went to Plan B, for Boresight. 

I was so fed up with waiting around to shoot my shotgun that I decided I would try to get it reasonably sighted in at the least, so I asked several friends if they had or knew of someone with a 12ga bore sighting tool. After the laughter stopped, I had to explain my dilemma which then caused a little bit more laughter. One friend said, "Dude, if you were someplace east of the Mississippi I imagine you could find a bunch of guys that use a shotty for deer hunting and need to sight it in. Out here, not many people do that, if any." So what is left? Hello Amazon!
Gotical sells several different bore sights, so the Amazon listing is a little generic. (FYI, the poor spelling and sentence structure below is accurately quoted.)

Amazon Ad:
  • Simply chamber the bore sight like a regular bullet and a laser dot will show exactly where the rifle
  • Laser output less than <5mw , Class IIIA laser
  • It projects a straight laser beam allowing precise optical adjustments to sight in your scopes & sights without firing any ammo
  • Takes the frustration out of sighting in almost any gun
  • Compact and lightweight
One caution: in the actual instructions it clearly states, "Insert the bore sight into the chamber by hand, being careful to close the bolt slowly. Extractors may damage your bore sight." On my semi-auto I was very careful not to let anything slam into the bore sight and I still had the extractors latch onto the rim several different times. I would imagine a bolt action rifle would have less of a problem if the bolt was not completely closed after placing the laser into the chamber.

Using the Gotical Bore Sight
It truly is as simple as was stated in the Amazon ad: insert it into the chamber and match your sight to the projected red dot.

After unscrewing the base and removing the plastic insulating disc, I put the cap back on and there was a red dot. It projected well, was bright enough to be see in a shaded but sunny area, and when used inside will agitate the wildlife!

The total time from setting up the batteries, inserting the laser in the chamber and lining up the Swampfox Kingslayer horizontally (including driving the house dog crazy!) was 5 minutes. To be honest, most of that time was goofing with the dog, as the two socket cap screws seen in the picture labeled "Top View" in this blog post were simply easy to loosen and adjust to the correct position.

The only thing left is get to a range and adjust everything for elevation at the distances I want. That will happen... some day.

Recap And Takeaway
* * *

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