Friday, February 12, 2021

Random Tips & Tricks

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In the spirit of David Blackard's "Buffet Posts", I give you an assortment of disorganized-but-hopefully-useful things that I either thought of or made use of during last week's trip out of state. 

Knuckle, Not Fingertip
If you need to press buttons on something that a lot of people have touched -- such as an ATM, or a pay at the pump gas station, or a credit/debit console, or even the floor buttons of an escalator -- use the middle knuckle of your middle finger to do it.

Your knuckles are quite strong, which is why many martial art forms teach you to punch with them, and they are also quite dexterous. This makes them ideal for pressing small things like buttons with proper force and accuracy. I suggest you use your middle finger because not only is it longer and therefore the first to make contact, but also because you are highly unlikely to use your middle knuckle to touch your face, your smartphone, food, or anything else which could lead to contamination. It's also a very small surface area and therefore easily cleaned with hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes, etc.

Clip Your Curtains
In almost every hotel and motel I've stayed, two things have been true: there are bright lights outside the window and the blackout curtains don't completely overlap. If you are bothered by that slit of bright light peeking through your window, bring along one or two "chip clips" to clip the curtains together, overlapping them if possible.

This also works with clothespins, but I prefer the chip clips as they have a larger gripping surface and, being brightly colored, are less likely to be forgotten and left behind. 

Pack a Shower Puff
I can practically hear the men saying "Hey now, I don't need this" but bear with me for a moment, because shower puffs belong in everyone's luggage for the following reasons:
  • The washcloths that hotels give you to use are awful. They're often scratchy and almost always thin. Why would you want something like that on your face and other delicate bits?
  • Shower puffs are amazing at making lather, which means those tiny hotel soaps go much further. 
  • They dry a lot faster than loofah body scrubbers, which like to hang onto moisture and, if put away wet, can result in a moldy surprise the next time you open your toiletry bag.

Not only do I have one in my overnight bag, I have one in my bug-out bag as well. I even attached a mini carabiner clip to the loop so that I can clip it to the outside of my pack for faster trying. 

Those are three tricks which made my life easier last weekend. Do you have anything similar?

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  1. Failing AA/AAA/C/D cell batteries can be stretched a little if you remove the battery(ies), and use a pencil eraser ('pink pearl' is best but any soft rubber eraser will do) to scrub the invisible thin oxydized layer off the contacts, then reloading the battery(ies) into the device.


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