Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Quick-Access Shemagh

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I'm stalling because I'm still not quite happy with something inside my GHB. Part of the reason I do these multi-part "This is what's in my bag" articles is that they're a bit like Rubber Duck Debugging; the act of spelling it all out causes me to see omissions and forces me to confront poor decisions. I had one of those, and while I'm experimenting with solutions to find one I like, you're going to get quickie filler articles like this. That said, I'm rather proud of the solution I detail here. 

It's no secret that I love shemaghs; they're an inexpensive and versatile piece of kit. However, the biggest problem with them is that they're rather bulky when configured as a head scarf, and if they're folded down flat then they aren't in a proper condition to be wrapped around your head. What's a prepper to do?

I don't know about you, but this prepper (me) figured out a way to mount it to the MOLLE straps on my chest rig so that I could access it quickly. 

First, I bought a set of Velcro tie-down straps from Amazon. I bought more than I needed because I didn't know what size I would end up needing and because I figured I could find a use for the others. I then installed two of the smallest ones like so:

Then I began folding the shemagh. As we all know, to make a shemagh into a scarf it must first be folded into a triangle. 

Then I rolled it up into a burrito. 

I folded it in half once...

... then twice. 

Finally, I put it on the chest rig and tied it in place. 

Now it's ready to go with just two tab pulls and it saves me important real estate in the chest rig pocket!

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