Wednesday, October 13, 2021

The SAM Splint

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I am quite frankly shocked that this blog hasn't talked about the SAM Splint before, because not only is it an amazing and affordable bit of medical gear but also because I've owned at least one of them since 2009. I feel like it, alongside the Mora knife, is one of the best kept secrets of prepping. 

Put simply, the SAM is a moldable, compact splint that can conform to a variety of injuries. It's made from a thin sheet of aluminum sandwiched between two pieces of foam, and you stiffen the aluminum into a supportive structure by curving it. 

I realize that's hard to envision, so here's a video demonstrating the use and versatility of the SAM Splint. 

The kit mentioned in the video seems to be a special run that's sold only by Sawyer, which is a name I've trusted for over a decade when it comes to water filtration. The package is $24.99 with Prime shipping, and if you don't already own a SAM then I heartily recommend you buy this as it's an amazing value for the price.

SAM Splints come in a variety of sizes, from 1.8" x 3.75" finger splints to the XL size 5.5" x 36". I would recommend that you have at least one regular 36" or a couple of 24" splints in your GHB and BOB, and more in your medical preps. Some of them are packed flat, but most of them come rolled... although to be honest, given their malleability if you need a roll to be more compact you can just squash it flat-ish. 

The SAM Splint family

To conclude, here are some resources on learning how to shape the SAM Splint for different injuries. 
  • Basic PDF (suitable for printing out and keeping in your bag)
  • SAM Splint User Guide. A more detailed and thorough version of the above, including alternative uses such as a canoe paddle, flexible container, and emergency sandals. 
  • Video demonstration of the more common applications. 

The SAM Splint has my highest recommendation. Get one, learn how to use it, and keep it with your first aid preps. You won't regret it. 


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