Monday, December 20, 2021

Holiday Special

Someone told me a big gift-giving holiday is coming up soon. I think they must have been confused? After all, Hanukkah is already over. 

However, in the spirit of giving, I put together a list of items that should fit under any prepper’s Menorah.

1. Speaking of candles, while one of these 120 Hour Emergency Candles may not last eight days, they come in a handy package that will, plus two. Days that is, not Grinches.

2. Hanukkah is the festival of lights, and even the best flashlight is pretty useless if the batteries are drained. I have a variety of flashlights that take Lithium 123 batteries, so I always try to keep some spares on hand.

3. While I’m not a fan of coffee, staying alert and active can make the difference in a survival situation. Scho-Ka-Cola comes in both milk and dark chocolate versions.

4. Keeping warm in the winter is a priority, and in the outdoors the best way to do that is with a fire. While there are many different ways to start a fire, sometimes it’s good to go with the classic Magnesium Fire Starter.

5. When needing to jot down a note, it’s good to know the pen will work no matter the weather conditions. This one comes with a sturdy cover/cap for a compact rugged package.

6. Of course, having a pen isn’t much use if there’s nothing to write on. A good all-weather pad takes care of that concern.

7. Winter won’t last forever, and when it’s over the bugs will return. Having a way to keep them off our face can be a great blessing. This Head Net goes over any hat and will keep most bugs at bay.

8. The holidays wouldn’t be the holidays without a nice pair of socks. While too heavy for summer use, these merino wool socks are comfortable, moisture wicking, and will keep your feet warm even when wet.

So there we are. A list appropriate in content as well as number!

No matter what you celebrate, may you all have a blessed holiday season.

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