Wednesday, December 8, 2021

I've Been Santa'd

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping.

Santa came early this year, or at least with one present. What is it?

A Pouch
Yes, that's not very descriptive, but this pouch is different than others I've seen since it's only a pouch when you need it. Before that, it's sort of not-a-pouch. See:

(left) Galaxy S9 case; (right) belt pouch 

That's what it looks like folded and ready to use. As you can see, when worn on a belt it is about 50% the width of a cellphone case and only marginally thicker. Opened and unfolded, it is surprisingly big!

Unfolds into a waxed canvas dump sack 
It can easily hold 500 rounds of .22LR (here is ~300) and/or a box of 12ga. shells without difficulty. The drawstring will close the top well enough to keep 12ga shells inside, but the occasional 22LR might sneak out if the pouch was vigorously shaken.

Approx. 300 .22LR

 When I told a backyard farming friend about this I was asked "Will it hold a dozen eggs?" and my answer was, "Maybe, but you will have to try it with your OWN pouch!" I'm not willing to sacrifice this cool gift in the name of Science.

(Editrix's Note: This pouch appears to have been a one-off special through Creek Stewart; one was included in the December 2020 Apocabox and I bought more the following month when the inventory was liquidated. 

You can find a similar belt pouch, albeit for a lot more than I bought mine, at Amazon.)
 Recap And Takeaway
  • This dump pouch is going into my BOB tote, for later attachment either to my belt or onto webbing. It will depend on exactly how things fit.
  • Nothing was purchased this week, but I am very thankful for family, especially the family I've chosen, and those that have chosen me.
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