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Product Review: Portable Car Jump Starter

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Back in 2022 I blogged about a portable car jump starter which I had bought but had not tested. Well, that situation has been rectified, because as it turns out I needed to jump start my car today, and it worked exactly as advertised. 

First, I checked the charge on the power bank. Despite not having been charged since I bought it back in August of 2022 and having been kept in a hot car for all that time, the power display still read 100% charge. 

I then plugged the sensor module into the power bank and attached the clamps to the battery terminals. As I said in my previous post, "I especially like how the clamps are manufactured with extra plastic that bulks them up such that it's impossible to short anything out by having the teeth touch each other; I would have to deliberately circumvent the safety features to short-circuit these. I also appreciate how the sensor module has lights which tell me if I have the positive clamp attached to the positive terminal or not."  The sensor showed steady green, so I got in the driver's seat said a quick prayer, and turned the key. 

The engine started effortlessly, and when I put the jump starter away the battery said 98% charge remaining. I am incredibly pleased with how well this product worked, and the only thing keeping me from giving it a full product recommendation is the fact that I can't find my specific model on Amazon, and Chinese clones of products can be a gamble in terms of quality. 

Still, even if it doesn't jump your care, you still have a rechargeable 18,000mAh power bank with built-in flashlight and emergency strobe, which is very useful in a lot of situations. And if it does work, then you've potentially saved yourself from needing to call a very expensive roadside mechanic or having your vehicle towed. 

At $60, I'll take that gamble. 

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