Monday, November 3, 2014

Evie's Gear: Part Three

All gear shown in this series of articles is in a continual work-in-progress state. Please keep this in mind as you read, and also bear in mind that all gear shown is not top-of-the-line, "teh awesomes" expensive stuff.  What I have is what I could afford, and I'm putting in the time and energy to either make it work or modify it enough to make it work.  Got it?

In Part 1 of this series, I talked about my Level 3 pack. In Part 2, I showed you all of my Level 2 gear except for the butt pack attached to my vest. Today I'm going to be breaking down that butt pack, and when you guys see how much I've managed to get into this thing, you'll understand why I made it it's own post.

On the outside of the pack is this pouch.  I use it for my re-usable pads.

More paracord! This time it's been cobra stitched onto the handle of the butt pack.

For those you wondering where I got this pack, we found it at one of the only two Army/Navy surplus stores here in L.A. that we know are still open and running.  It's an off-brand, and about half the cost as all the others you'll find on Amazon.  It originally came with a shoulder strap, so if I want to change out the bag to something else at a later date, it's still vastly useful even off of my gear.

In the main pouch:
  • tan shemagh and desert camo boonie hat (not pictured)
  • toilet paper (hey, I'll be enjoying it while it lasts!)
  • generic Icy Hot patches
  • electrical tape and duct tape
  • a knife and ferrous rod set (AHA! Fire starter number one)
  • a magnifying sheet (AKA large fire starting lens!)
  • three glow sticks (these may get taken out in the future)
  • a large LifeStraw
  • Paracord guts
  • 2 packs of crackers and 2 packs of peanut butter from MRE's  (They are just about the only things in MRE's that I can eat because of all my damn food allergies.  Yes, I'm sharpening up on my foraging skills and knowledge).
  • 3 smaller pouches

These little pouches are basically pencil holders or cosmetic pouches...  except in OD green and black with skulls.

This one is the Fire pouch.

Inside are some tealights, a lot of matches (bagged separately from the candles), and a pencil sharpener for making tinder.

This one has just a bunch of odds and ends.  It's mostly wet wipes and condiments, but it also has important items like an emergency blanket and a mosquito head net.

The black with skulls pouch is yet another first aid kit that has things like chapstick, Tums, tape, another emergency blanket, moleskin, band aids (nowhere near enough for someone like me.....) and several packs of travel sized medicines like ibuprofen, Tylenol, Advil, Vicks Dayquil, generi brand Icy Hot gel and another set of ear plugs.

Next week: Level 1 gear, aka my hiking/get home bag.

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