Monday, July 20, 2015

2nd Annual Writing Contest Winners

& is used with permission.
My apologies to taking so long to announce the winners. But now the wait is over!

First Place
Ray Davies' An Old Man's Guide to Bullet Casting. This was by far and away the most popular post in the contest. Ray wins a Spool Tool in the color of his choice.

Second Place
Beth O'Hara's Superfoods For Preppers. Beth wins a gently used (and personalized, if she desires) volume of Country Wisdom & Know-How.

Third Place
Winning by just a single point over the others is Keith Duke's Getting Robbed in Caracas. Keith wins a CRKT Eat'n Tool XL.

Honorable Mention
Craig Wiles' A Thorough Look at Solar Power was, indeed, quite thorough. However, the prices listed were off-putting to many people, which is why it didn't place. I will be hitting up Mr. Wiles for further information on solar power in the future -- perhaps he will be amenable to doing a podcast interview?

Congratulations to the winners!  And personal thanks to everyone who entered.

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