Monday, July 13, 2015

Guest Post: Yukon Outfitters Delta Territory Pack Review

by Brian Garrett

Erin: You used my link, you have to write a review.
Me: What?
Erin: I found an awesome deal for you, so you have to review the product.
Me: Seriously?
Erin: Yup. Hop to it.
Me: You know I am new to prepping and am horrible at writing, right?


A Little Background
This served me well in hunting season and high school. 
Not bad for a $20 pack from Sunny Surplus, right?
My experience with this type of gear is as a hunter. I have no military training, and I am new to prepping. I have been following Blue Collar Prepping for a few months now, and the articles here make a lot of sense.

After reading the articles Erin wrote on her pack, I came to the conclusion that my old hunting pack (over 20 years old, and not that good to begin with) just would not cut it as a bug-out bag. So let’s take a look at the replacement.

Yukon Outfitters Delta Territory Pack
C:\Users\Black-6\Desktop\pack shots\161.jpg
There it is, in all its glory. My first impression on this ruck was "Wow, that looks big",  and I was right. The main compartment has 4500+ cubic inches of space! I could have filled my old pack and put it IN this pack with room to spare! 
  • There are 2 entries into the main compartment: at the top, and under the upper pouch on the back. 
  • There are zippers around the back of the pack and around the bottom pouch to allow a little bit more space for the main compartment.
  • The upper two side pouches are easily a foot deep with MOLLE straps on the side, and have an overhanging covering which will easily keep anything inside them dry.
  • Underneath these are two smaller pouches, 4 to 5 inches deep. These have no top covering, but would be good for a water bottle or similarly sized items. 
  • The shoulder straps are nicely padded, and the waist belt fits me with room left over, which is amazing considering that I wear size 56/34 pants.

The rifle case can fit a "full size hunting rifle" according to the webpage, and has a detachable top held in place by heavy Velcro and four buckles. Unfortunately I do not have a hunting rifle to test that claim, but it does fit my AR-15 carbine with room to spare. The AR sits so low in the case that I could detach the top piece and close it in with just the Velcro. 

My only complaint with this bag is the lack of a hydration system storage. I know there are MOLLE bladder pouches out there, but I feel that one should have been included in this pack's design.

I don’t have a fleshed out grading system, but I would recommend this pack. It’s big, sturdy and easily customizable. Normally priced at $199.99, but thanks to Erin, I got it for under $100!

(Editor's Note: It would appear that Yukon Outfitters has discontinued this pack, which is why a $200 was on sale at for $90. 

I periodically post deals like this on the BCP Facebook Page. If you have not become a member, I encourage you to become one. -- Erin)

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