Sunday, July 26, 2015

Gun Blog Variety Podcast #49

Here's Episode 49 of your weekly GunBlog VarietyCast!

Included in this week's episode:
  • Adam and Sean tell you what podcasts we listen to. We listen to a lot of podcasts. You should too. But listen to us first!
  • Erin Palette talks poison plants with a quick primer on disease prevention in Gotham City.
  • Even Nicki Kenyon will eventually bow to peer pressure. You've been asking her to talk about Iran, so she finally does.
  • Our Special Guest, Reverend Kenn Blanchard tells us about this one time he found himself in deep, deep water and needed a miracle.
  • Barron B considers the Ashley Madison hack and what could have motivated it.
  • And Weer'd points out how the anti-gunners have gone beyond their usual lies and have started slandering the rest of us.

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