Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why We Practice Skills

It's not by chance that I end my articles advocating that you practice the skills that you're shown. It's one thing to have the "book learning" to do something. It is another thing entirely to test yourself and your gear, and find the weak links and things you need to work on.

This is also why I'm not a huge advocate of survival manuals in your BOB or other gear: books and manuals are great ahead of time, but they're no substitute for practice. Sadly, that's how people tend to use them, and that just doesn't work. The video below drives that home.

Even with instructions and tools, he had difficulty starting a fire. We won't even get into the spearfishing attempt. He learned from his mistakes, but it's far better to learn those lessons when the stakes are minimal.

This is why we practice skills.


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