Thursday, November 12, 2015

A List of Lists

Prepping is becoming more popular, and as a result more and more people are publishing their ideas of what supplies and skills are needed. We do some of that here, but I wanted to share some of the other offerings that are out there. I'm not supporting (or supported by) any of these sites; I just want to share some of the other opinions that are out there. I thought about ranking them by the level of “urgency” expressed on the site, but decided to leave it like a chocolate assortment - a surprise in every bite. I will give a few hints, though.
  1. Prepper's Checklist - 12 pages long and quite detailed. A lot of doom-and-gloom on the webpage, though.
  2. Doomsday Prepping Checklist -  A simple list, all on a single web page. No ads and pretty straight forward.
  3. The Prepper Journal - Lots of ads, some good information, more ads.
  4. The Survivalist Blog - Has an annoying pop-up with a hidden “close” button that covers the page. Full of basic information, but not all of it is good.
  5. Disaster Preparedness Checklist - A simple list put together by a survivor of the tsunami in Japan. Has a very basic list of storage foods.
  6. Preparation Checklist - I like the way this page works. The lists are broken down by category with a separate page for each list.
  7. Ready.Gov - The same government that will call you a hoarder after the disaster, tells you what to hoard before said disaster. 
  8. FEMA Emergency Supply List - Another government agency that gives you a list of preparations.
  9. The Power Hour - One of many lists of the top 100 things to disappear after a disaster. I haven't found one yet that ranks them by type of disaster.
  10. American Prepper's Network - I generally want to like APN, but their pop-ups and ads annoy me. Networking can be useful, but keep your OPSEC skills handy.
  11. American Red Cross - The Red Cross is mainly first-aid based, but they have some good information for general survival.
  12. Disaster Plan Checklist - The lay-out reminds me of the old days of the internet: simple typewriter font and no ads. Good information, well organized.
  13. Family Survivors - This one earns its place as unlucky number 13. This is how not to write a list... unless you're a salesman.
  14. Survival Goods - A list of things to prepare for, in case you need more things to worry about.
  15. CNN Money - How to spend over $100,000 and fail. What else would you expect from CNN?
  16. CDEMA (Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency) - A nice list from a group that deals with hurricanes every year. They can speak from experience, so I trust them.

That's a few of the hundreds that are out there. Most of them are nothing but ads for one vendor or another, so the information is suspect.

Like anything else in life, take what you think you can use from these lists and make one of your own. Nobody but you is going to know what exactly you are going to need in an emergency.

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