Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Pre-Black Friday Sales for Preppers

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Hi all! I'm filling in for David today because he's having computer trouble (he upgraded to Windows 10 before the first Service Pack -- silly man), and because I'll be busy on Friday putting up Christmas decorations, he agreed to swap places with me this week.

So just like I did last year, I'm going to point out some sales that are either happening now, are are scheduled for Black Friday, for gear that will be of interest to preppers.

I've mentioned before that Klymit makes excellent gear (their Static V has more than earned its place within my Bug-out Bag), and from now until Dec 21 everything on their site is 20% off and comes with free shipping. Be sure to check out their Kickstarter for the Splash 25, an air frame (inflatable) backpack that is also a dry bag.

Another perennial favorite of mine, the Solo Stove, has paired with the makers of the Power Pot (reviewed here) to bring some nifty combination deals:
  • If you buy $50+ worth of merchandise at, use the code POWERPOT at checkout to save $20 on your order and get free shipping within the U.S.
  • And if you to, you can use the code SOLOSTOVE at checkout and save 40% on the PowerPot 5 and get free shipping within the U.S.; alternately, use the code SOLO25 at checkout and save 25% on any order with free shipping on orders over $50.

As a reminder, I made a video about how these two items go really well together:

However, these two deals only last until midnight tonight, so if you want them, don't dally!

If you're looking for a way to carry and boil water quickly, the Kelly Kettle (reviewed here) will serve you well. is offering 20-25% off their Ultimate Kits, so check them out!

For those preppers interested in personal protection, AR500 armor has deals lasting until 11/27. Use the promo code "Black15" to receive the following discounts:
  • 20% off level III body armor
  • 20% off Operator II® plate carrier w/ armor
  • 15% off site wide
I have a set of AR500 armor that I acquired last year, and while I cannot testify to its protection (having never been shot and sincerely hoping I never will be), it's certainly the most comfortable armor I've ever worn -- and I've worn more than a few sets of armor in my time.

And of course always has Black Friday sales. The current amazing special right now is the already low-price Kindle Fire -- normally just $50 -- has been reduced to the ridiculous price of only $35 through 11/29 (Sunday).

I bought a 2nd Generation Kindle back in 2012 and I still use it daily, mostly as an inexpensive iPad for checking email. surfing the web, chatting on Facebook, listening to music and of course reading books. This new version has all the same great features but is faster and now has expandable memory via SD cards! Back in Episode 56 of the Gunblog Varietycast I talked about making a survival e-reader, and at this price thi is the perfect tablet for that purpose -- especially if you pair it with a protective case and extra memory.

If you use my link, I get a small percentage back on everything you buy -- so please, help a prepper out and use my link when you go shopping this holiday season! Thank you!

Happy Shopping!

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