Tuesday, July 26, 2022

Product Review: Fix It Sticks

I'm a collector of tools. Show me an interesting, unusual, but functional gadget and you have my attention... and possibly my money. 

I'm especially fond of compact hand tools; from Swiss Army knives to pocket multitools, I've owned and carried many. I've been aware of Fix It Sticks and their various offerings for a while, but I'd never had a chance to look at them in person until a recent trip to Nashville when I stopped at a gun shop and saw they had some for sale. 

I looked at the Shooting & Hunting Edition and decided $35 plus tax was a reasonable price for what was offered.


According to the Fix It Sticks Website:
The Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition Shooting/Hunting offers unmatched portability, functionality and versatility. Two Fix It Sticks (which combine to form a T-Handle) and 16 bits are held in a molded bracket for portability / storage. Extra room on each end can hold two additional bits.

Replaceable Set includes two sticks, bracket, and 16 different bits:
  • 2.5mm hex3mm hex
  • 4mm hex
  • 5mm hex
  • T-10
  • T-15
  • T-20
  • T-25
  • T-30
  • 1/8" Hex
  • 5/64" Hex
  • 3/32" Hex
  • 5/32" Hex
  • 3/16" Hex
  • Slotted #5
  • Phillips #1
The ultimate gun maintenance tool. Take the shop tool experience with you on the road.
  • High quality steel construction (can withstand 40Nm of Torque)
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Accepts any standard 1/4" bit
  • Weight: 116 grams

One of the more interesting features of Fix It Sticks is the ability to combine their parts into a T-handle to drive any bit. This gives the user considerable extra leverage when dealing with overtightened or stuck screws and bolts.

This kit has been added to my range bag for use at work. I'll likely need to swap out or add bits for specific firearm screws, but that's just the nature of the technology.

I have high hopes for this compact and versatile tool and, so far, I consider it money well spent.

(Editrix's note: Fix It Sticks: Shooting & Hunting Edition is available at Amazon for $40 with free shipping for Prime members.)

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