Monday, July 18, 2022

Product Review: Lock Laces

Just over four years ago Erin reviewed Hickies-brand no-tie shoelaces for use with her zip-side boots. Since that post they've come out with an improved version and they're also available in a variety of colors.

I wear zip-side boots at work, so when I saw Erin's post, I had to try those strange elastic lace things. They were just what I needed to make my boots more comfortable, as well as easier to get on and off.

However, all good things must come to an end, and earlier this year I had to replace my zip-side boots with a new pair. Unlike the previous ones, the eyelets on these are oriented vertically and spaced wider apart on the boot. This meant my beloved Hickes wouldn't work. I tried, but several broken laces later, I accepted defeat (de feet?).

Thankfully, I was able to find an alternative called Lock Laces, strands of tough elastic that are threaded through the eyelets in a traditional manner, then clipped, trimmed, and capped. When I ordered my new Hard Drive I added a set of these to my cart, using Amazon Smile to benefit Operation Blazing Sword of course.

Front and back of Lock Laces packaging

The package instructions made installation simple, and my boots are easy to put on and take off while maintaining a snug fit when worn.

Lock Laces installed on author's boots

One note: the spring keepers are on upside-down in the above picture as I didn't realize their orientation was important -- with the release lever in the position shown, they can loosen during normal activities. I've since rotated them so they're correct. The only challenge in that was with the end clips, which required a small flat screwdriver blade and some finagling to open.

I haven't had these Lock Laces long enough to get a feel for their longevity, but the Amazon reviews are quite good:  4.6 stars with nearly ten thousand reviews.

While I prefer the versatility of the older style of elastic laces, the new ones seem to be more easily adjustable. Only time will tell.

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