Saturday, July 9, 2022

Cleaning Up the Car Trunk

I tend to ignore the more cosmetic aspects of cleaning my car, which include not only the seats but the trunk as well. I have a trunk organizer that I talked about in this post, which makes it really easy to access what I want when I need it, and going through everything that ended up in those sections I found things that were put there with the Good Idea to come back and remove everything "Later"'. 

Taking Out
Well, Later is Now and it's way past due. Besides the washer fluid, coolant, window cleaner, first aid kit, fire extinguisher and Get Home supplies that were first put in when I had a very large territory, there was mostly junk in my trunk (quiet in the peanut gallery!). I don't mean garbage, but rather things that really needed to be put where they belonged, and where they belonged wasn't in the trunk organizer:
  • Seldom-used tools.
  • More freeze dried food than I need to Get Home.
  • Too many changes of clothes.
  • Several partial quart bottles of motor oil. 
  • Several small specialty tools that I thought were lost but simply fell out of tool kits when they were moved.
I found my missing needle file set in the bottom of one pocket, the set that I've used to touch up copies of house keys that just don't quite match the original. These came from Harbor Freight and do exactly what I need for the times a set of small files are required, which for me isn't very often.
My File Set

I removed a wrench and socket set, since there isn't much that I would be able to fix on the side of the road without a parts store close by. Also coming out are any cold weather items, and I think there will not be any weather specific equipment added in the future. 

Going/Staying In
My car is used for commuting to my work and also for trips, but when it is driven with two or more people, specific gear is added depending on the destination. Besides switching Purple Pack Lady's bag out of her car to my trunk, there is a small suitcase pre-loaded with trip basics for two: toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, shampoo and underwear. Clothes for the destination go in and we are packed!

I also keep a case of water, Sawyer water filter, MSR pot and Solo stove permanently in the car.


Food goes in and comes out depending on what we are doing, where we are going, and how long we are staying. I have reviewed freeze-dried food  a long time ago, but not these specific items. The above review is a little humorous, but testing equipment and gear before an emergency hits is just good planning.  I have duplicates that I will soon have PPL taste test in a camping setting. 

Freeze-dried food

Okay, it's car camping, but I've got to start some place. Baby steps, you know? Finally, here is a shot of more "essential" food items that must always be readily available. Different people have differing ideas on daily requirements. 

Necessities. Really! (or so I'm told)

I'm learning to deal with it.

Recap And Takeaway

  • Keeping your vehicle clean and organized helps make finding your emergency equipment easier.
  • With gas prices doubling, having less weight to carry helps improve the Miles Per Gallon.
  • Find food that is acceptable to your entire group. I'm only stocking for two now. so my choices are wide open.

* * *

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