Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Product Review: Stansport Freighter Pack Frame

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When I re-vamped my Get Home Bag last year, one of the things I said was while I liked the features the bag had, I didn't like how it attached to me even after significant tinkering. 

Well, I tinkered some more, and I just couldn't make it comfortable enough to wear for an extended period. I considered getting a different bag, but I couldn't find another which did what this one did. 

So I finally gave up and bought an external frame and attached my GHB to it. 

I am simultaneously happy with my purchase and defensive about my choice. 

I'm happy because:
  • I got the frame for a great price;
  • The pack fits on it well;
  • I had extra room, so I attached a cheap tent and moved the first aid kit outside where it's easier to access;
  • The frame is super-comfortable and evenly distributes the weight of the pack;
  • I can even use my chest rig with it. 

I'm defensive about it because:
  • I feel like I over-complicated things;
  • The pack takes up more space and isn't easily stowed in my car (I have to put it in the trunk now instead of the back seat);
  • I just have this weird feeling that people reading this will see it, arch an eyebrow, and judge me. 

But you know what? No matter what happens, I have an amazing external frame that I can use. Even if I end up using a different GHB format in later years, I can always get a "proper" pack for it and use it that way. 

The frame itself is the Stansport Freighter, and while you can get it from Amazon for $90, I was able to get mine for substantially less at my local Lowe's. 


I was even able to fit a MOLLE holster and magazine pouches onto the hip belt, which I didn't think was going to work. 

I love everything about this frame except for one thing: the end caps on the side bars are a slick plastic, so if you don't have the shelf down and you set the frame down onto a smooth surface, it can slip and cause the entire system to fall. While this will likely only lead to inconvenience, I can think of some situations where it could result in damage to the pack or its contents. 

Fortunately, there's an easy solution for this. The frames are one inch in diameter, which is the same size as many canes. I bought this $8 package of two replacement cane tips which slid on easily, and now my pack frame is quite steady wherever I choose to lean it. 


So I am pleased to report that I have solved my Get Home Bag issues, and I am completely happy with my solution and I desperately crave your approval don't care what anyone thinks about it. 

Don't judge me!

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  1. I've always preferred external frame packs. I like the way they carry.


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