Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Planning A Plan

The dust has settled and the First 72 Hours have passed. Follow along as I build a long term plan via Prudent Prepping. 
It appears that a short camping trip has been tentatively added to the calendar. Furthermore, the balance of my camping gear not lost has been uncovered and is going into different totes. 

If anyone has been following the Continuing Saga of What's On Fire Now In California and my failure to go fishing or camping for years, I'd like to tell you what while I'm still not expecting to go, I will be packed and ready. (I actually bought a Fishing License this year, that's how serious I am.) The things that are getting packed first are the bulkier camping gear, like the Klymit LWD I was given for my birthday in 2019 that has not yet been used.

Klymit Light Water Dinghy
From the Amazon ad:
  • Inspired by the pros: designed with kayakers and pack rafters, the LWD is an advanced pack raft tracks well, is stable, and allows use of canoe or kayak paddle - Arrow shape design increases maneuverability - ideal for canyoneering and backcountry Wade
  • Easy to inflate: pump is efficient and easy to use, converts to a dry sack for gear storage and protection
  • Two valves for quick inflation & deflation, includes dry sack pump, and 6 tie-off Zones for lashing gear or securing the dinghy on shore
  • Ultra lightweight: weighs only 44 ounces making it one of the lightest rafts of its kind;
  • Ergonomic padded seating: built-in inflatable seat is comfortable and provides insulation from cold water
  • sport type: Camping & HikingOutdoor Lifestyle
Editor's Note: all of the above is [Sic]
Please read the 2019 post for how I received this wonderful item.

Fishing Gear
While cleaning I found my fishing reels, which need to be refilled with line after sitting in a garage for years. In the past, I've bought spools and filled reels myself, but that just means the balance of the spool goes to waste these days. A sporting goods store fairly close offers to fill reels and charges by the yard, so I'm heading there soon.

I also found my tackle boxes and other than 2-3 rubber worms or wiggle bait melted into a tray, everything looks good with no rust or crud. 

What I can't find (so far) is my worm box. It looks similar to this one found on Amazon and may actually the same brand, but there are no labels left on mine.
  • Built-in carrying handles make transporting bait easy
  • High insulation value
  • Ideal small portable bait container
  • Opens from the top or the bottom
  • Contains Magic Worm bedding and instructions
Pretty self-explanatory, other than the "opens from bottom" bit. The box has two lids that allow you to always get to your worms or crawlers just by turning the box over. 

Last week's post was about ordering a replacement pan set for one that I lost, and there was a question as to why I ordered the more expensive option over the exact item as before. I didn't make it clear that the reason was to get the non-stick cooking pot over the unlined version. Yes, I know how the lining will potentially wear, but the ease of cleaning in the short term is a big benefit.
I have a summer weight sleeping bag and an inflatable pad mentioned here that I've taken on trips, just not camping. Unfortunately, that pad has been discontinued. 
Change Of Status
With the way my family situation has changed, my Prepping Plan has blended I'm Not Going Anywhere with just a tiny bit Get Out Of Dodge. The place where I kept over half of my prepping gear will soon be unavailable, and I need to do some serious pruning and trimming of supplies to fit into the storage spot I have left. While I'm not getting rid of equipment, I am going to get rid of as much of my short-term food as possible, replacing it with longer-term items. 

Water jugs, food-grade buckets and totes take up a surprising amount of room. I would have an even bigger problem if I hadn't given away so many jugs (and a couple of five gallon buckets) over the years! Several of those people gifted are not close friends any longer, but I feel better about sharing gear and knowledge, whether or not karma may make a visit.

Depending how soon my family status changes will determine how soon (and how much) Get Out Of Dodge is the majority of my plans. I don't want a change, but it is certainly coming. Wish me luck.
Recap And Takeaway
  • I need a plan, but I don't yet have one. I have options, though, and I'm thinking about how to turn them into plans A, B, C, and so forth. 
  • Nothing was purchased this week, but as the trip gets closer and I get all my gear uncovered, inspected and cleaned, there likely will be some things purchased.
* * *

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